Printing and Scanning

To make it as easy as possible for our customers to get their memories from computer to frame, we offer both printing and scanning services in house.

We have a high end Epson Inkjet Printer capable of printing up to 600mm x 1500mm, and a Photographic Flatbed Scanner that can scan printed photos and documents to digitise them, or camera film negatives and positives (slides).



We offer high end inkjet printing on site in house, allowing us to make the framing process even easier for our customers. Our printer also uses Archival Ink, which means anything we print for you wont fade, minimising the need for a UV filtering glass.

We can print up to A1 in standard metric sizing, and 600mm x 1500mm at a maximum.

Want something bigger? No worries. We can arrange the outsourcing of your work so you don’t have to. Just give us the files and let us handle it.

Paper Options:

We have 4 paper options: Lustre, Matte, Watercolour and Canvas. Our team will be able to help you decide what option will best suit your image and the kind of framing you want to do so you get the perfect final result.

Want to know more about the different stocks and what we believe the best images are for each? Click here to read the article we wrote outlining all the details.



Have an old photograph you need digitised? Maybe an old article? Or maybe you want to frame an old photo but only have the film strips?

Don’t worry, we can do everything for you.

Our scanner is an Epson professional photographic quality flatbed designed to create incredibly high res digital files, great for both printing and framing, or to ensure a digital copy for safe keeping.

If you are having something framed with us, but would love to have a digital version for safe keeping, let us know during the consultation process and we will scan the item before putting it through to the rest of the team for framing.

Maybe you have a photo that is a special family heirloom and everyone in the family wants a copy? We can scan it, frame the original for you, and print copies for the rest of the family so that everyone has one.

Graphite Imaging x El Framo Film Scanner (21 of 37).jpg
Graphite Imaging x El Framo Film Scanner (35 of 37).jpg


Be it a digital file, or a physical one you want us to scan, sometimes there are bits and pieces you may want touched up before printing. Don’t worry, we can help you there too.

We handle all the post scanning retouching and colour correction to ensure you get the best possible printed result. Tears, discolouration, and other bits of damage are all things that may be able to be corrected after scanning.


want some advice about your pieces?

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