Custom Picture Framing

El Framo specialises in bespoke framing, a process that has centuries old tradition.

Valuable and collectable artwork, be they prints, photos, paintings, or objects, require delicate selection of frame and mat. The scale and styles are unique every time, designed to perfectly emphasise each piece. This is done with the guidance of our trained eyes and your tastes in mind to create the perfect combination. 

Everything that comes to us requires something different to the piece before it. Between your preferences as a client and your home, even an identical print will likely never be framed in exactly the same manner.  

El Framo Picture Framing Auckland Frame Options

Frame Options:

We have a wider range of frame samples for you to choose from on the wall in our Ponsonby workshop than any other framer in the country. From simple classics, to intricate imported beauties, there is something for everyone.

  • NZ Made – where similar products are available from both local manufacturers and importers, we choose New Zealand sourced product.

  • Imported beauty – elaborate and detailed mouldings require significant scale to be economical.  They therefore are not made locally.  Some of the world’s most beautiful frames come from Europe.  We have the widest range of options of any framer in the country for you to choose from.

  • Solid wood - Most frames are solid wood; and all from sustainable plantation forest.  However we do offer Nielsen aluminium frames; and sometimes use MDF to create round and oval frames which are difficult and expensive to create from solid wood.

El Framo Picture Framing Auckland Picture Frame Example

What are the benefits of custom framing?

Custom framing means creating an entirely bespoke piece that is designed with you and your artwork in mind.

During your consultation with us, we will find a perfect balance between what you love the look of and what suits your home, whilst properly enhancing and protecting of your artwork.

No piece is the same, so every time you come to visit us, we will go through every step to create something that is perfect for that piece. From frame choice, to mat choice, backing board, tape, mounting method, glass choice, the options are endless and completely catered to you. Plus, our process aims to always be archival to ensure full protection for your piece.

Above all else, this means your frames will be around a long time if they’re properly looked after, we’re talking decades rather than years, and all that time looking amazing and fully protecting your artwork.


Ultimately, we can frame anything.

No matter what you bring in the door, we will work together with you to try and come up with a solution to get your piece on the wall. Be it a photograph, or a butterfly.

Want to see some examples, scroll on to read more!

El Framo Picture Framing Auckland Box Frame

Prints, Posters and Paintings

There are so many different things you can do to suit many different tastes. No matter what you have, what you love, or what your interior design style is, there will be an option that is perfect for you and your artwork.

We can frame:

  • Limited edition and open edition prints

  • Paintings on canvas, board or paper

  • Etchings

  • Sketches

  • Posters

  • Photographs

And anything else you want to preserve and display!


Items and objects

  • Sports shirts;  Rugby and Football jerseys: We produce the best framed sports shirts available.  You will certainly find cheaper options but not better options.  All shirts are invisibly stitched by hand (no adhesives used) and padded to give them depth and presence.  Backing boards are archival mat boards which will protect the shirt from acid damage over time.  UV glass is an option to protect them from fading and light damage.   We commonly produce plaques and important photographs for customers to add into the frame also, which help with the memorabilia aspect.

  • Memorabilia

  • Coins

  • Postage stamps

  • Ceramics

  • 12” vinyl record sleeves, discs and CDs

  • Tapestries

  • Butterflies

  • Objects  - caps, balls, bottles, guns, swords, spears, dresses, tools, books.

  • Documents, brochures, maps, manuals, house plans, medals, war memorabilia.

El Framo Picture Framing Auckland Object Frame
El Framo Picture Framing Auckland tapa cloth fabric frame

Canvas’, tapa cloths and other fabric pieces

Framing fabric pieces requires completely different processes to framing prints. In order to stop them from sagging over time, these need to be fastened in place on all sides to keep them flat.

We do this using completely reversible processes, so nothing is permanent, but use techniques like stretching over a backing frame, stitching in place, or lacing around an archival mat to keep them in place.

Items like:

  • Teatowels

  • Robes/Kimono

  • Tapestry

  • Tapa Cloths

  • Cross Stitch

  • Flags

  • Cushion Covers

  • Scarves


Want to see some examples of what we can do?

Head to the gallery to have a browse of our past work.