Hand Finished Frames

One of our unique features as a picture framing studio is our ability to hand finish raw timber frames.

Whether you want a custom gilded or statement frame, or want a frame to be the paint colour from your home decor scheme, we can arrange something for you that is totally unique.

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There are so many different things we can do when it comes to creating a custom frame from scratch that it is impossible to list all the options. We have written a step by step guide that explains the process of creating something custom that will hopefully give you an idea of the possibilities available to you.


Choosing the base frame

The base raw timber frame makes all the difference to the final look. We have a mix of traditional and modern shapes to suit any home. We’re likely to find something perfect for your project, but if none of them fit the bill, we can stack them! Some of the grand mirrors in our showroom are 4 or 5 different frame profiles stacked together and then painted to make them look like one. No one will have the same thing as you if you custom create the profile!

Choosing the decor elements

From the frame profile, you can add decorative elements. We apply these to the raw timber frames and blend them in to ensure a seamless finish. This can help make your already custom frame even more so, with the placement of the pieces being entirely up to you and your design eye (with our guidance of course, you’re not on your own).

Choosing the finish

Whether you want it gilded, painted, or something in between, the system is super flexible. We have samples in store of things we have done in the past that we can easily replicate for you, but we can also create something custom! If you love a gilded frame but want more antiquing, a different underlay colour, a different amount of distressing, this is all able to be tweaked and customised! If we are doing something brand new, we will always create a sample for you to approve before continuing with the frame itself.

Let us do the rest

With the upmost love and care, our team will craft your frame from scratch to create something unique and incredibly special.

As you can imagine, a hand finished frame takes a little longer to go through the system as the process involves many days of waiting for layers to set before moving forward. But the wait is worth it, and no one you know will have the same thing as you.


Have any questions about our hand finished frames?

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