Our Favourite Frame Profiles | August 2019

If you have ever set foot in our workshop, then you know how many samples we have on the wall. From clean box frames, to elaborate gilded beauties, there are over 1000 samples to choose from. 

Every member of the team has their favourite profiles, from the things that are great all the time, to the funky frames that we are dying to use that are perfect once in a blue moon. We thought we would start sharing some of our favourites each month, with some advice as to how we would use them, to help give you some inspiration for when you bring in your next piece of art.

El Framo x Charlotte Turner (5 of 43).jpg

The Box Frame with a Scandi Twist

These profiles are really new to us and are perfectly in line with the scandi light wood trend that everyone is currently all over. This comes in two profiles - a standard box and a slightly taller box, and in both black and white. The wooden panel on the outside is a warm-toned light wood, that isn’t too yellow or too pink, making it the perfect shade for the scandi look. 

Whilst we love the natural wood, there is also a very similar range of profile with a more Mid-Century Modern mid brown wood tone on the outer edge, which may suit your style if you’re into a modern retro twist.

El Framo x Charlotte Turner (4 of 43).jpg

How to use:

For the most part, you could very easily substitute this profile in for any black or white frame, but we would reserve it for things that will be complemented by the hint of wood. Floral or greenery prints and blue monochrome pieces would look pretty stellar. Nature prints in general, be they landscapes or drone shots, would look great in this as well. 

El Framo x Charlotte Turner (7 of 43).jpg

The Modern Art Deco

This little beauty has been in stock for a couple of years now and is incredibly unique. With is clean line detailing and rounded profile, it is a bit more interesting than your standard box. That being said, it is still simple enough so as to not detract from the artwork. 


How to use:

We love this on little prints, be they paintings or digital prints, as it’s a statement without being too big. Prints that handle gold well are sweeter, more quirky prints or more classic ones like watercolour paintings. 

Even classic old photographs would be great in here to give them something a bit different!

El Framo x Charlotte Turner (10 of 43).jpg

The Warm Neutral Woods

These profiles have been a great addition to the lineup of wood-toned frames. With a range of colours, all of which being fairly neutral, they work flexibly on a lot of pieces. The best part is they fix a major gap in the woods range, adding more wide profiles to the mix. Before these, there were are a handful of wider box frames, but sometimes a box frame isn’t going to cut it. Sometimes you need to have a bit of shape to the frame to make it more special, and to help draw the eye to the artwork rather than the frame. 

El Framo x Charlotte Turner (9 of 43).jpg
El Framo x Charlotte Turner (14 of 43).jpg

How to use:

These are surprisingly versatile frames. The profile makes it great for oil paintings or larger prints. They would be particularly great on beachy prints as the colour palette will help tie in with the look, but the fact that they are pretty neutral with a wide colour range, as well as a variety of sizes, means that they will work with a lot of different things. 


Hopefully you found this interesting or got a bit inspired for your next trip in to see us!

Don’t hesitate to ask about any of these profiles when you come in for a chat (if you have the page open to help us find it when you come in that’s even better, don’t forget that 1000 samples on the wall thing!)