5 Great NZ Based Print Stores

We see a lot of art as you can well imagine. From digital prints to paintings, photographs to illustrations, we’ve seen it all over the years, and we take note of where everything we love comes from. So we thought who better to share that knowledge with that you - our fellow lovers of art!

We’re going to make this into a series, but we thought the best place to start would be with print stores that stock heaps of different options, and then over the next few months release catered lists of individual artists broken down by category - from photographers to digital illustrators.

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Endemic World

Endemic World have carved a perfect space in the market for themselves, being a print stockist, printer and distribution centre all in one gorgeous industrial style studio on the Ponsonby strip.

Primarily stocking smaller NZ artists, they are the perfect place to find someone you may have not heard of before. They’re also great becuase majority of the prints on sale are standard size, making them really easy and affordable to frame up.

Ideal for decorating your home on a budget, or to get some really funky pieces on the wall.

Eyeball Kicks

This unique print store is home to a great selection of smaller Wellington based artists. With a collection of slightly more eclectic prints, it is definitely the place to find something a bit different.

Ideal for someone who wants to find something they are unlikely to find anywhere else.

The Poi Room

The Poi Room is a classic for NZ based artists, hosting many of the more established household names you know and love. Tony Ogle and Michael Smither are just a few names on the list, but if you’re after something quintessentially Kiwi, The Poi Room is where you will find it.

Ideal for someone who wants a more collectable piece, or something with a very Kiwiana feel.

Frame by Frame

Frame by Frame houses a perfect mix of established Kiwi names and imported open edition prints to suit any budget or decor style. Ross Jones, Tony Ogle, Michael Smither, Flox, and Greg Straight are just a few on the list covering the limited edition collector market.

Ideal for someone who wants a wide range of options to choose from.

Papier HQ

Papier HQ is the perfect place to get a more affordable standard print, with a range to suit any decor style. From Fashion and Abstract illustrations to Landscape and Travel photos, they are the perfect range of prints for gallery walls.

Perfect for someone who loves changing out their prints regularly, or wants a more affordable way to get some larger pieces on the wall.