The 12 Gift Ideas of Christmas | The 2017 El Framo Gift Guide

The silly season is a approaching fast, and we know that coming up with presents for EVERYONE in the family can be really tough. Let us take the stress out of it. 


Presenting the 2017 El Framo Gift Guide, full of ideas for every person in the family!


1. Family photos

One of the easiest and best presents for both your parents and your grandparents.


Gather a selection of images from the past year or two, print them out (we can print them here!) and put them into a selection of standard shop frames. They can hang them all together on the wall or scatter them around bookshelves throughout the house.

2. Photo collage into a poster frame

You can display your family images in little frames like the above suggestion, or create a digital collage, print it at a bigger standard size, and put it into one of our gorgeous shop frames.


Even better, we can do the layout for you. Just bring us all the images you want to use, choose your final print size, choose your frame colour and we'll handle the rest.


This is such a nice but different way to display your photos.

3. Frame those instax photos!

There are a few ways you can do this depending on the kind of longevity you want for them. Grab some shop frames and get us to cut some mats to fit them, or create a custom frame with a collection of shots. The world is your oyster, and it makes a really cute present for a friend, significant other, or ever for the family.


Use some shots you've got already or sneakily take some over the next couple of weeks.


4. Do something with those travel photos!

Do you have a collection of photos from travelling around the world? Or maybe someone in your life does and hasn't ever done anything more than use them as a desktop background.


Print them here, and put them into one of our standard shop frames! They come in natural wood, white or black, in standard A sizes from A4 - A1, with the choice of with a mat or without. Or print heaps of them and put them in the smaller photo frames.


Either give it to the person who took the photos, or better yet give them as prints to family because who said you need to buy prints as gifts when you have photos of mountain ranges in Switzerland?


5. Frame Grandad's War Medals

You know that collection of war medals that your Dad has had stashed away forever? Sneak them away from him and frame them up to not only preserve them, but display them proudly.


We have done so many of these over the years, and it makes such a thoughtful gift that will be passed down through the generations.

6. Objects and Memory frames

Equally, we can frame up pretty much anything. We've done some precious knives before, a collection of over 100 badges gathered from around the world, a deconstructed iPhone for a techy friend. The list goes on. If you think it's a fun idea to frame up for a present, we can probably do it.

Graphite Imaging x El Framo Film Scanner (36 of 37).jpg

7. Scanning old family images

And while we're on the topic of memories, preserve and frame some of your old family pieces. Those photos where there is only one in existance, those strips of film, that only have one print out copy - no matter how they are we can scan them and print them so that you have more copies and a digital file to store in a safe place.


These will make such a thoughtful present for your parents or grandparents.

8. Rugby Jersey

We bet there are a lot of Dad's out there who are die hard rugby men who would love a framed up rugby jersey on the wall.

But it doesn't stop there. Any sports jersey you've got, for any team in the world, we can frame up as an awesome piece of decor for the lounge (or Dad's office if Mum isn't a fan of the idea).

9. Cute Open Edition Prints

There are so many of them out there, and they make such cute and thoughtful gifts. Be they little A5 funny prints, or a nice NZ artist A2, we've got standard frames available for all of them (as well as a small selection of prints on site all ready to go as a gift).


We recommend checking out Endemic World, Pop Motif or Frame by Frame for an amazing selection of open edition prints to suit anyone.


10. Kids Art Frames

The kids art frames are such a great idea for anyone with young children creating painting every 5 minutes.


Designed to be really easy to change out the picture, you can pin a brand new painting in there every week just by opening the front like a cupboard door.


Get one for each child and get them to pick their favourite painting to display each week!


11. Degree framing

I think we all know that person who has had their degree sitting in it's plastic sleeve since they graduated. A really thoughtful gift is doing something about that. It's not one of those things you prioritise getting done in your own life but it really important so as to protect that very expensive piece of paper.


Either frame it in out standard frames for all the major Universities in NZ, or go custom for something a little special.


Standard frames for degrees start at $75 and have archival boards, solid wood frames, and the option to upgrade to UV filtering glass for further protection.


12. The Gift Voucher

And for that person who is always difficult to buy for, get them one of our gift vouchers and they can organise getting any of the above done themselves! Or even better, if you know they have something that needs to be framed (or they have just moved into a new house) then a voucher will help them sort that out too.


We have a selection of fixed denominations from $50 to $250 and they can be stacked upon redemption (i.e., using two $100 vouchers to pay for a $200 frame is okay).

Charlotte TurnerEl Framo